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Friday, March 6, 10-11:30am PST: Sharing Our Work with Others
Friday, March 27, 10 -11:30am PST: Integration and Closure

Friday, January 17th Prompt (After First Class): Healing Image

Self- Dialoguing Questions for Your Image (created in the class today), the Prompt being ‘What do I want to Heal?’


1) How does this drawing symbolize the part of your that is in need of healing?
2) What do the images and colors/shapes tell you about your issue/pain/struggle (in body, spirit or emotion)?
3) What does this drawing tell you about what is needed to restore balance and harmony to this wounded area within you?
4) How do you feel about your ability to heal?
5) If each image, shape or color within your artwork could speak, what would each one say to you about your issue/pain/struggle and the healing of it?
6) What have you learned about yourself that is in need of healing?

Friday, January 24th Prompt: Creative Demons

What are the demons (blocks/obstacles) that hold you back and stop you from making art or being fully successful in your creative work? 
Video for Prompt #1: Creative Demons:
These ‘demons’ can include fear of failure, the inner critic, boredom/impatience with the process, perfectionism, and external factors such as saboteurs in our life, and toxic or unsupportive work or creative environments.
1) Take time to reflect and write out your creative demons, where do you get stuck in art making, and/or what stops you from creating and completing projects in the way you want to.
3) Make art that expresses one or more of these demons through a drawing, collage, create a poem, etc.
4) Post or email us with your findings. You can also do this in a Facebook Live video or record a video on your phone and post it.
5) Comment/Respond to other posts or emails using the Frame of ‘I See, I Feel, I Imagine’ – this is a neutral and supportive way to mirror and be a witness to creative work.

Friday, January 31st Prompt: Personal Metaphors 

How can you turn your life material into metaphors and develop potent creative material?
Video for Prompt #2: Personal Metaphors:
Most of you are working with deep material surrounding grief, illness, creative blocks, shame, family issues, birthing new life, and more. This prompt empowers you to tap into metaphors to develop more creative engagement and build artworks that feel tangible and more meaningful.
1) Reflect on the personal material that has the most energy for you at this time focused on the tension/challenges you are facing. This might be material that inspired you to sign up for this group, material that you uncovered in last week’s prompt, or material that is related to a project you are working on (or a combination).
3) Find metaphors/symbols that connect directly to the challenge i.e. climbing a rocky mountain, being in a black hole, a fire in the belly, etc…Often metaphors are related to nature elements or urban elements (city road, subway tunnel, etc).
4) Create poetry around your metaphor and/or a drawing/collage. If you create an image – afterwards dance or write in response as you reflect on what you see, feel and imagine.
5) Post or email us with your findings. You can also do this in a Facebook Live video or record a video on your phone and post it.
6) Comment/Respond to other posts or emails during the next week using the Frame of ‘I See, I Feel, I Imagine’ – this is a neutral and supportive way to mirror and be a witness to creative work.
7) Then find the opposite metaphor of your ‘challenge’ metaphor. This is often surprising and offers a chance to get another perspective around the difficulty/tension you face. Create poetry and/or a drawing/collage (dance/write in response to image). Post or share this as well if you have time/energy.

Friday, February 7th Prompt (After Second Class): Building a Creative Practice

ASSIGNMENT #1: SAFE RITUALS: Following up from your ‘Safety Sketch’ from class today – write/reflect on what safety means to you and find Your ‘Safe Rituals’ (i.e. boundaries with time and putting structure, bringing in the sacred by lighting candle, setting intentions, prayer, etc., getting support from others, etc) and/or and how this idea of ‘safety’ can translate into your creative practice and projects.
ASSIGNMENT #2: YOUR CREATIVE DNA: Take a Selfie with your phone camera that expresses an aspect (or aspects) of your creative style/interests. Consider the lighting, the environment, what you are wearing, and what inspires you about your creative personality. The image might be abstract or blurred, it might be very sharp and clear. Be creative, playful, and curious with this exercise. Post it in the group and ask what qualities/images/characteristics are evoked when we see your photograph.
BONUS ASSIGNMENT #3: CREATIVE ESSAY: Respond in writing to Twyla Tharp’s 33 Questions. See them attached (email me for the questions).

February 14th Prompt: Safe Rituals (continued) and Accountability Partners

Video for Prompt #2: Safe Rituals:
  1. Write/reflect on what safety means to you and find Your ‘Safe Rituals’ (i.e. boundaries with time and creating structure, bringing in the sacred by lighting candle, setting intentions, prayer, getting support from others, etc.). How can this idea of ‘safety’ translate into your creative practice and projects?
  2. Find a few specific ‘safety rituals’ that you can incorporate in the next few weeks in our creative work together and/or in the creative projects you are working on.
Note: The Creative Demon exercise I gave you previously is a clue into your safe ritual. How can you counter the blocks and  challenges you face in your creative life by establishing your safe rituals (learn more in the video*) ?
Accountability Partners: I am assigning each of you an accountability partner. Please make an effort to reach out to this person once or twice in the next week and share which ‘safe rituals’ you are going to be practicing. This can be very simple communication – with a FB message or email sharing your ritual(s). If you want to spend more time, you could have a longer chat about the exercise, or even plan a virtual tea if that is possible.
Post about your safe ritual reflections and what you discovered from implementing your safe rituals – and anything that was inspired through your partner work.
Note: If you aren’t as active on Facebook, you can also email your reflections by Replying All to this email. 

February 21st Prompt: Passion for our Creative Projects

What inspires passion and aliveness in your creative work? 

Video for Prompt #4:
This prompt includes reflection and collecting found images that relate to the passion that stirs you in relationship to your creativity. This is a vital component to any artistic endeavor.
1) Write or reflect on how you are engaging with your creative life at this time. It may be simply in our group work, through your creative healing practices and/or with your current projects. Do you feel passionate about your creativity and what you are unearthing? If so, in what ways? Does your interest and passion for the creative work wax and wane? What might you need to feel more driven and excited about the creative process?
2) Find some found images (this can be pictures you cut from magazines, a collage you create, or photographs you take) that evoke passion for you and/or the aliveness you feel when being truly inspired by artistic expression.
3) Share your reflections with me and/or the group via email or Facebook. Or with a trusted friend or colleague. Don’t skip this step as this witnessing from others will help you solidify this work.
You also may find it useful to review your intentions for signing up for this incubation time. Are there things you need to do to stoke the flames and refresh your commitment to it?

February 28th Prompt: Passion (Continued!) and Structuring Creative Time

Video for Prompt, #5:


Found Image or Collage (see above from February 21st): Complete or start on your Found Image Assignment from February 21st – I look forward to seeing these being posted or emailed soon.

Writing Assignment:

Are you passionate enough about your creative work?

What causes you to lose passion for your creative work?

How do you sustain passion for your creative projects?

What do you see as the difference between passion and mere interest?

What are your thoughts on the kindling and rekindling of desire?

(from Eric Maisel’s book, Making Your Creative Mark )

Post or email your responses to me or the group if you so desire. Or keep them for your own reflection…


Take time to make your ‘artmaking schedule’ and implement it. I know some of you have already done this – but if you have not – Do schedule concrete time for your life/art work and creative projects for the next month.

March 6th Prompt: Class Follow Up, ‘Sharing Our Creative Work’

Class Recording:


Spend more time with the drawing you created today, and this concept of ‘artist higher self’. What wisdom and support can this ‘self’ bring to you at this time. Write with a call and response with your drawing. Ask it questions and see how it answers (you can interview specific colors/shapes and images/symbols).


What is one risk you can take regarding your creative life in the next week(s)?


•Share something with me personally through art or about your creative life that might feel a little risky.

•Be more vulnerable in our group container by posting or emailing a piece of art, or something about your creativity that feels awkward or that you might be holding back, and push through a fear. Get out of Hiding.

•Share some piece of your art or artist self with people in your life or on social media and see what response you receive.

•For those of you who already have art or projects brewing in the public arena, what might help you take a risk while also staying grounded with your ‘safe rituals’.

March 13th Prompt: Being in the Moment – Simple Art Sharing

Video for Prompt #6:
Reflect on what is helping you stay in the moment. Capture a few things from your day that give you pleasure, comfort or ease (to combat stress and fear) with photographs or simple sketches. Post them on FB or email to us. No words necessary (unless you want to include a story behind it).

March 20th Prompt: Dance! – Art Goals – 20 Questions:

Video for Prompt #7:

ADRIANA’S GROOVY DANCE to Bellyache by Billie Eilish:


a) Find a song that you love, a song that makes you want to dance and take 3-5 minutes to dance in your bedroom, your kitchen, your living room, your garden space and let the emotions, the fears, the free floating anxiety shake and move through you. Find the joy in the dance (it can be a slow dance if your body is healing) and experience your vitality.

b) Make video of your dance and share with us on FB or through You Tube (unlisted) and/or tell us how it felt to do your dance during this time.

c) Share the song you chose and let’s see if we can create a dance playlist for our group!


Despite the stress and uncertainty of this time, it is still important to stay connected to your creative goals and what you came here to do in the first place. I suggest you go back and revisit your intentions and see where you are, what might have changed, and what you would like to commit to in 1 month – 3 months – 6 months. Spend some time writing about your creative goals/intentions and share them with us in the next week or bring these reflections to our final class next Friday.


This is a very potent exercise that is inspired by Twyla Tharp – I used it for my film and it has helped shape the documentary. Write down 20 questions that pertain to your most treasured creative project/practice or topic. What do you feel most curious about. Let the questions continue to marinate over time. If so moved, answer the questions and see what shows up.

Note: Coaching Sessions: Some of you still have sessions with me and I will have openings in the coming weeks to meet together. Please plan on scheduling another session within the month after our group ends so I can support you to keep continuing with your art life. If you want to add more sessions, I will be offering some special packages so feel free to email me in inquire. You can check out my scheduler but I will be opening up more times so feel free to email me directly as well.

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