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“Working with Adriana and was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. As a leader she was able to provide the frameworks and structure to execute our program mission and goals. She exemplified a holistic approach to community building through the visual arts and recognized the power of the arts as an agent for change, awareness, education, and social justice. Adriana allowed me to flourish as a creative professional while providing the practical advice and guidance to manage multiple exhibitions with grace and sophistication.”

– Dustin Smith, Arts Administrator

“Adriana has a unique way of helping you face your own integrity, authenticity and truth, even when it’s the last thing you want to do. Without my one-on-one work with her over a period of about four years, I’m not sure I’d have the things I treasure most in my life: a strong marriage, an honest career, and my beautiful daughter.”

– Kristin Philipkoski, Writer, Editor

“I attended a yearly expressive arts therapy retreat lead by Adriana for four or five years. It was amazing and each year I got to see my growth and witness myself becoming more and more open. I healed a lot working with Adriana and learned to take ownership of what I like to call my “boundless creative energy.”

Patrick Braun, Graphic Designer