Expressive Arts Supervision Group

An Online Support Network with Adriana Marchione

Meet Adriana Online and By Phone through 5 Teleconferences, an individual session and a facilitated Facebook group.

Teleconference Dates: Fridays from 10-11:15am Pacific Standard Time. Next Group Dates To Be Announced. Subscribe to Adriana’s mailing list to be notified.

If you are unable to make any session in person, you can listen at a later date to stay current with the group. 
This group will offer: 
  • concrete tools and guidance to build or expand your creative/expressive arts business
  • support to sustain your creative practices (i.e. projects, performance, writing)
  • networking and marketing skills to increase your audience based on a holistic perspective
  • a group of like-minded creative professionals, sharing resources and challenges
You will receive:
  • 5 teleconferences (I hour and 15 minutes) with Adriana and group members
  • 1 individual session with Adriana via Skype or phone
  • Access to a private Facebook group to share ideas, reflections and creative work
  • An abundance of resources focusing on creativity, expressive arts and growing a business in the expressive arts and related fields.
Topics will inquire into beliefs and values, obstacles along the path, finding flow in life and work, purpose and service to others, marketing with a creative mindset, and realistic approaches to manifesting.

Contact Adriana or Subscribe to her Mailing List to be notified about upcoming groups.


“I feel very grateful for this supervision group. It was a watershed for me to be able to step further out into the world with my work. Adriana’s enthusiasm and example as a successful teacher and entrepreneur was very inspiring. She invited a momentum along with the other participants to think bigger and take action steps toward fully embracing the visions I have for my work. Deep gratitude!”
– Caroline Kleindienst, MA, RSMT, Somatic Movement Therapist
“Adriana Marchione shares her knowledge, her inspirational style, positivity and entrepreneurship of building an expressive arts business from the ground up beginning with her roots from her training at Tamalpa Institute, a school for movement based expressive arts; where she is now a teacher. She provided a forum for seminar participants like myself, who have been trained in EXA to give support, and get support, and encouragement from each other and Adriana. She also shares her knowledge of marketing tools, creating a website and advertising your business, as well as connecting you with others during the seminar who are trying to build an EXA business. I highly recommend this seminar.”
-Paul Wensley, LCSW, Tamalpa Institute Graduate
“This online group with Adriana is a place to come together despite the whirls of life to support one another in each of our endeavours and dreams, actioning the arts in ourselves and putting it forth to the world. I received encouragement from Adriana and a loving, respectful colleagueship with the group”.
– Alison Kaye Seveon, Expressive Arts Practitioner
“Under Adriana’s guidance, my supervision group became a community of support and creative ideas. We each experimented with our growing edge in work and art in different ways, and I learned as much from other people’s choices as I did trying new things myself.  Having a private online group allowed me to share my triumphs and vulnerabilities candidly – such a blessing! Adriana sets a loving tone by her presence, her work, and her deep care.”
– Jill Littlewood, Artist