25 Professionals Share the Best Ways to Support Someone Who is Grieving

I was recently approached by Sympathy Messages who have a really useful website that helps people write sympathy cards, and send messages to people who have experienced grief or loss. She asked 25 professionals who work with grief to share their thoughts. I wrote a section for her about my perspective on grief through the lens of creativity. Click here to read the full blog:  https://www.sympathymessageideas.com/expert-grief-support/

Here is a portion of my blurb: “I would not say that I’m an expert on grief, but I do know grief and loss from a very intimate perspective having experienced the loss of my husband at a young age. My late husband was a musician and I myself am an artist and arts therapist with close to 30 years of experience working in the language of the arts. When I had to face devastating loss….” click here to keep reading.