Bridging Life + Art

What happens when life and art meet?

After thirty years of studying, art-making, teaching, and working with hundreds of clients and students on creative self-expression, I’ve uncovered this truth: The more creative we are in our thinking and actions, the more we can expand our perspectives, achieve our most important goals, and live a life of purpose. I’m here to help you make that happen.

I continue to be active in my own artistic endeavors for personal fulfillment, and it also supports be to a more effective guide for others. I created a short documentary film, When the Fall Comes that documented my personal journey with grief and using art to move through it. Learn more and view the film HERE. 

Adriana Marchione

Let's Work Together.


If you are seeking support and would like to work with an experienced professional, I offer an effective approach to art and somatic (body-based) therapy. Contact me.


As a seasoned teacher and group facilitator, I bring healing opportunities through creativity and movement expression. Join me for my Art Cures Masterclasses that will be offered in the new year. Dates TBA, more info HERE


Looking for guidance and accountability for your creative project?  Learn more about creativity coaching and learn about my new 90 day Art Cures Incubation Course that starts in February 2021.


As an artist, I am continually finding ways to be engaged in my own creative work which draws from the mediums of film, dance, writing, performance, and photography.  See more in Film and Projects.

Check out Adriana’s recent podcast interview on Being Human with Vasivi Kumar

Creative healing for trauma and addiction, finding community, and the new creative high. In this interview I dive deep into the approach I have when working with trauma and addiction, the first steps you can take when turning to art to heal, and how to find true refuge during and after healing.


“Adriana brings compassionate attention, focused witnessing, and a warm presence to her work with students and clients. This personal grace coupled with many resources and years of experience is a powerful combination.”

– Jamie McHugh, RSMT, Creator of Somatic Expression®

“Adriana Marchione’s work is brimming with creativity and depth of feeling. She focuses on what really matters, and compassionately and wisely embraces life in all its manifestations.”

– Alfonso Montuori, Professor of Arts and Culture