Creative and Mindful Therapy

Private sessions and healing opportunities with Adriana

When we experience transition, loss, get caught in cycles of addictive behaviors, or find we have “lost our center,” life can feel overwhelming. Skillful guidance and support can help us find renewal, peace, and wholeness in the midst of life’s most challenging circumstances.

Adriana has a well-established practice as an expressive arts therapist and body-based movement therapist and educator. Trained in the Life/Art Process, a method developed at the Tamalpa Institute, she uses creative methods to establish health and well-being in individuals, groups and communities. Adriana’s work holds a special focus on addiction/recovery, grief and trauma.

Current Offerings

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Needing support to feel more at ease in your everyday life? Want to slow down and develop a stronger sense of well-being?  I can offer you simple tools to release stress, persistent anxiety, and relate better to the people closest to you.  Click here to find out more about Adriana’s approach. Schedule a session in-person, by Skype or phone.

Addiction/Recovery Arts Therapy

If you are working to free yourself from addiction or currently are in recovery from substances, eating disorders or behavior addictions (sex and love addiction, gambling, co-dependency, etc.) and want a creative approach, I will offer you a new perspective. Use the artistic process to develop an expanded relationship to your recovery. Learn more about Adriana’s dynamic work with addictions here. Schedule a session in-person, by Skype or phone.

Creative Grief Support

Do you feel stuck in your grieving process? Have you found that talking and processing loss in your life is not helping you heal? Adriana’s arts and somatic (body-based) approach will get things moving so you can start living your life more fully. Click here to learn more about creative grief counseling. Schedule a session in-person, by Skype or phone.

Special Coaching Package ($100 savings)

On a limited basis I offer a Coaching Package for a discount on individual sessions for new clients. This is an opportunity to do some concentrated work with me in these areas: Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Support, Addiction/Recovery Arts Coaching, Creative Grief Support or Coaching for Creative or Professional Work. It could also be a combination of any of the above. The package includes the following:

  • A 1/2 hour intention-setting call (Skype/phone)
  • Five 1 hour Sessions in person or by Skype/phone
  • Email Check-ins to offer encouragement and resources
  • Assignments to keep you engaged and making progress


The coaching package is not available at this time. Sign up on Adriana’s mailing list below to get updates about  her next offering.

“I have worked individually with Adriana for several years. In private sessions her gentle attention smooths my sometimes crazy feathers – with her I soften because I trust her calm strength. She has taught me to be aware of my body and breath, and how to stay grounded as I move through my day. I take courage from her as an artist, a healer, and a compassionate being. Working with Adriana I’ve learned to slow down, care for myself, connect to other people, and to feel I belong in this world.”

– Jill Littlewood, Artist

“Anytime I work with Adriana, I leave feeling empowered and filled with resources to draw upon again and again. Adriana was a support to me from my first days of recovery through long-term recovery. She continues to guide and support me personally and with supervision in my own practice as an expressive arts educator and alcohol & drug counselor.”

Shelley Richanbach, CDAC-II, Founder, Next Steps For Women

“Adriana is a soulfully creative and gifted healer who is highly attuned to the individuals she works with. In working with individuals in recovery from an eating disorder who feel disconnected from their bodies, her compassionate and mindful presence creates a sacred healing environment to help these individuals. She allows the opportunity to move toward acceptance and re-connection with this disowned aspect of themselves in a safe and nurturing manner.”

Carol Dietrich, RN, LMFT, RDT